Section 1. Membership. University faculty membership consists of full-time professors, associate professors, assistant professors, academic professionals, instructors, and lecturers. It also includes the President, administrative and academic deans, Registrar, Dean of Libraries, and Chief Fiscal Officer. Individuals holding the titles of full-time research and extension personnel, and duly certified librarians are members of the University Faculty.

Section 2. Ex Officio Faculty Status. Administrators may hold ex officio faculty status for the purpose of eligibility to participate in the Regents' Optional Retirement Plan (ORP). The Georgia State University Faculty Handbook lists eligible administrative positions.

Section 3. Meetings. The university faculty shall meet at least once each semester, except for the summer semester, upon the call of its presiding officer. At these meetings the President of the University shall preside and report on matters of interest to the faculty. A special meeting of the faculty shall be called by its presiding officer upon petition of ten (10) percent of the membership eligible to vote. At least fifty (50) percent of its membership as determined by the registrar, shall constitute a quorum. Adequate notice shall be given for any meeting. The registrar, as secretary of the university faculty, shall prepare the minutes of each meeting of the faculty, and shall make a copy, and any corrections thereto, available to each member of the faculty. A copy of the minutes shall be sent to the Chancellor.

Section 4. Powers. The university faculty shall have a veto power over any legislative action of the University Senate by a majority vote of those present and voting at a duly called meeting. The President must be notified through the office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs seven (7) working days in advance of such meeting that a veto resolution is to be introduced by a member of the faculty who is not a member of the Senate. A veto resolution must be signed by at least ten (10) percent of the faculty, as determined by the registrar. The Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs shall determine that this requirement has been satisfied before communicating the notice of the veto resolution to the President.

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