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Internship Program


The Department of Sociology offers internship opportunities to eligible students. Students can receive 3 to 6 hours of academic credit towards their degree while interning at an approved intern site. The number of credit hours will vary depending on the number of internship hours completed at the internship site. Check the section "Internship Credit Hours" below for details.

No credit will be given for work completed prior to the start of the term for which you apply.



Internships provide students with both observational and hands-on learning experiences designed to enhance their academic preparation and increase their ability to perform on a professional level after graduation. Students apply knowledge from their academic experiences to professional settings that are appropriate to sociology and receive practical experiences in the field. The objective of our internship program is to provide students with actual work experiences where they will learn the skills required to succeed in social service and non-profit organizations and write sociologically about their work experiences. Students are under the direction of the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Deirdre Oakley, throughout the term of the internship.



Credit Hours

Fall / Spring Semester
(Based on 12 weeks)

Summer Semester
(Based on 7 weeks)


9 Hours/wk, 108 Total

15 Hours/wk, 105 Total


12 Hours/wk, 144 Total

20 Hours/wk, 140 Total


15 Hours/wk, 180 Total

25 Hours/wk, 175 Total


18 Hours/wk, 216 Total

30 Hours/wk, 210 Total

* Students may organize their internship time in any way is that is mutually conducive to the organization and the student as long as the total required hours are completed by the end of the semester.



Appliants must meet all the following requirements:

  • 2.5 overall GPA OR 2.75 GPA of 3000/4000 level sociology coursework with at least 15 hours of credit.
  • Completion of SOCI 1101 "Introduction to Sociology."
  • Completion of 9 additional hours of sociology coursework.
  • At least 60 hours of coursework completed (at least 9 of which completed at GSU).

Students must submit the following in order to apply:

  • Internship Application
  • A completed reference form (see internship application for form) completed by a GSU sociology faculty member.
  • A printed copy of your Academic Evaluation (available on PAWS or GoSolar)
  • A typed one page statement of purpose. Please discuss what you hope to gain from the internship and how it relates to your career goals.

Please submit your completed application to the front desk of the Department of Sociology (1040 General Classroom Building).



Students should apply for the internship program well in advance of the semester of actual enrollment. The procedure is:

  1. Student submits all application materials prior to deadline (see below) to the front desk of the Department of Sociology.
  2. The Sociology Department verifies eligibility.
  3. Student receives acceptance letter via email from Dr. Deirdre Oakley (within two weeks after the application deadline).
  4. Upon acceptance into the program, students will be authorized to register for SOCI 4980. Students may modify the number of credit hours through GoSolar.
  5. Student chooses an internship site from the official site list, or student may choose his/her own site (unofficial sites must be approved by Dr. Deirdre Oakley).
  6. Student contacts sites, sets up interviews, and makes arrangements with the site he/she has selected.



All application materials are due by the following dates:

June 15th
October 1st
March 1st


Students are expected to meet eligibility requirements for acceptance to the Internship Program. Students are responsible for doing the work involved in finding their internship sites. Once accepted, the student is expected to participate in the ongoing operation of the agency to the fullest extent possible. Since the internship is considered an employment experience, the intern is expected to maintain a professional demeanor throughout the internship experience. The student must also meet course requirements, and attend regularly scheduled meetings.



Dr. Deirdre Oakley is the Undergraduate Director and Internship Coordinator for the Department of Sociology. She may be reached at (404) 413-6500 or Students are under the direction of Dr. Oakley throughout the term of the internship. Agencies should contact Dr. Oakley regarding student matters and placement opportunities.



The major responsibility of the agency supervisor is to guide the internship experience of the intern while he or she is within the agency setting. The supervisor will make the final determination as to whether a student is qualified to complete an internship with the agency. The supervisor will consult with the student to determine intern responsibilities. Any problems that develop must be reported by the supervisor to the student and to the Intern Coordinator. At the end of the internship period, the supervisor will be asked to complete an evaluation of the student's performance.