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China Study Abroad - May 2013

Global Aging and Social Policies
May 18th - June 2nd
6 Hours (SOC/GERO 4119 and SOC/GERO 4700)

This study abroad program in May semester is designed to introduce population aging in global perspectives, focusing on China and the U.S. It integrates two course materials by combining issues of aging and social policies in the U.S. with those in China.   The first week of the class will be held at Georgia State University campus.  Students will be introduced to the field of aging and challenges facing different nations due to global aging, as well as major social policies toward older adults in the U.S., including Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obama Care. 

In Weeks 2 & 3, students will visit three Chinese cities--Beijing, Shanghai, and Changsha.  In each city, students will participate in a round-table discussion with graduate students in China exchanging ideas about aging and social policies in China and the U.S.  They will visit both aging services and cultural sites. Aging services include government and non-government elder-care facilities, senior centers, and public parks where elders practice Tai Qi or Gongfu.  Cultural sites include the Great Wall and the Forbidden City in Beijing, the 400-year old Jade Garden in Shanghai,  and the 2000 year old mummy in the Museum of Hunan.


   Heying Jenny Zhan

   Department of Sociology

   38 Peachtree Center Ave.

   phone: 404 - 413 - 6517



Application Deadline: December 1st, 2012
Because program size is limited, early application is strongly advised. Individual
interviews may be scheduled with students upon receipt of  application.



Jade Garden in Shanghai