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Northern Ireland Study Abroad - May 2011

Special Note: Currently there are no plans to offer the Northern Ireland Study Abroad trip for May 2012. Please check back soon for further updates on program availability. Please see below for information from the 2011 program.

When: May 2011

Where: Belfast and Derry, Northern Ireland; Dublin, Republic of Ireland

Who: Undergraduate and Graduate Students in the Social Sciences

What: Earn 6 hours of credit of 3000 level Sociology credit for studying "Race, Religion, and Conflict in Northern Ireland"

Cost: $3500-$4000 (depending on exchange rates)

Deadline: January 31st, 2011 (Application and initial deposit due)

Contact: Dr. Denise Donnelly, Associate Professor of Sociology. 1067 General Classroom Building, 404-413-6523,


The Race, Religion and Conflict in Northern Ireland Study Abroad Program will takes place during May, and features week-long stays in Dublin, Ireland, and Derry and Belfast, Northern Ireland, with day-trips to surrounding areas. Participants have the opportunity to visit numerous historical sites, monuments, and museums, and to  participate in experiential learning within a variety of community contexts including meetings with community and student leaders; visits with political parties; volunteer work with social service agencies; and after-hours fun in local pubs, restaurants, and entertainment venues. Classroom instruction focuses on the history, causes, and aftermath of the conflict in Northern Ireland, with classes taught by faculty from Georgia State University, University College Dublin, Universityof Ulster-Magee Campus, and Queen’s University-Belfast. Dr. Denise Donnelly and Dr. Wendy Simonds from the Georgia State Department of Sociology accompanied students on the trip in 2009.


The course is open to all students, faculty and staff over the age of 18 who have an interest in Irish culture and history, the Northern Ireland ‘troubles,’ race relations, and/or conflict resolution. The course is offered through the Georgia State Sociology Department for a total of 6 credit hours of undergraduate or graduate credit. Students must be in good standing with Georgia State University or their home institution at the time of the trip in order to participate and receive credit. Program size is limited to 20, and participation is contingent upon acceptance. Students from other universities are encouraged to apply, as well as friends, relatives, and other non-Georgia State persons interested in non-credit participation. This trip involves quite a bit of walking (sometimes 2-3 miles per day), so students should plan accordingly for this. Persons with disabilities that impact mobility should contact Dr. Donnelly in advance of the trip to make arrangements for handicapped accessibility.


Please take a look at the downloads list to the right for a program brochure, informational powerpoint, and application.



1. Chloe Blalock
2. David Hamilton
3. Rachael Hellinger
4. Danadra Mitial
5. Elizabeth O'Callaghan
6. Monica Owen-Head
7. Michelle Oxner
8. Bonnie Raley
9. Mayya Raskina
10. Michael Rast
11. Sarah Roby
12. Matt Salter
13. Rana Singh
14. Lindsay Sanders
15. Vanessa Soraney
16. Amanda Whalen

Denise Donnelly, Wendy Simonds


1. Karen Futch
2. Lindsay Casey
3. Jessica Stone
4. Renee Shelby
5. Darby Irvine
6. Lyndy Ngoc Lien
7. Joshua Lupo
8. Laila Tehrani
9. Emma Harger
10. Andrea Flandry
11. Michell Oberholtzer
12. Michelle Wilson
13. Megan Segall
14. Elizabeth Bermel
15. Faith Sewall
16. Kimberly Soenksen
17. Erin McFry
18. Melissa Smith
19. Joanne Darko
20. Nina Nitin Shelat
21. Charles Morgan
22. Rebecca Hickom
23. Michael O'Brien

Jennifer Simon, Mikel Waters, Denise Donnelly