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Recent Ph.D. Graduates


Year Name Dissertation Title
2012 Parker, Josie Self-Concepts of Homeless People in an Urban Setting: Processes and Consequences of the Stigmatized Identity
2012 Regus, Pamela Postpartum Depression: Standardizing Motherhood?
2011 Brown, Marni Coming Out Narratives: Realities of Intersectionality
2011 Bender, Alexis Patients, Partners, and Practitioners: Interactions and Meaning- Making Following Spinal Cord Injury
2011 Charania, Munira Spectaculat Subjects: The Violent Erotics of Imperial Visual Culture
2011 Daniels, Pamela

The Timely Use of Prenatal Care and its Effects on Birth Outcomes in Black Women of Low Socioeconomic Status in the South,

2011 Markle, Gail

"Yeah, I Drive an SUV, but I Recycle":The Cultural Foundations of Environmentally Significant Behavior

2011 Okonofua, Benjamin Paths to Peacebuilding: Amnesty and the Niger Delta Violence
2011 Pruitt, Cenate

Not Just A "Place For Friends": Teenagers, Social Networks, and Identity Vulnerability,

2011 Sweatman, William HOV to the MD? A Multilevel Analysis of Urban Sprawl and the Risk for Negative Health Outcomes
2011 Windsor, Elroi Regulating Healthy Gender: Surgical Body Modification among Transgender and Cisgender Consumers
2010 Combs, Barbara

The Ties That Bind: The Role of Place in Racial Identity Formation, Social Cohesion, Accord,
and Discord in Two Historic, Black Gentrifying Atlanta Neighborhoods

2010 Medley-Rath, Stephanie Scrapworthy Lives: A Cognitive Sociological Analysis of a Modern Narrative Form
2010 Richards, Melanie

Mass Media's Relationship to Adolescents' Values and Behaviors: A Theory of Mediated

2010 Sinha, Cynthia

Dynamic Parenting: Ethnic Identity Construction in the Second-Generation Indian American

2010 Yasumoto, Saori Culture, Cognition, and Parenthood in Japanese and American Homes
2009 Baird, George James Identity Work for "Boomer" Professionals: Career Transition in the Restructured Economy
2009 Banton, Nicole Nipple Matters: A Black Feminist Analysis of the Politics of Infant Feeding Among African American Mothers
2009 Cavalier, Elizabeth Working It "Out": Employee Negotiations of Sexual Identity in Sport Organizations
2009 Harmon, Mary Patricia Disentangling Individual and Community Effects on Environmentally Sensitive Behaviors
2009 Holland, William Who is My Neighbor?: Framing Atlanta's Movement to End Homelessness, 1900-2005
2009 Luo, Baozhen The Impact of Rural-Urban Migration on Familial Elder Care in Rural China
2009 Walters, Mikel Invisible at Every Turn: An Examination of Lesbian Intimate Partner Violence
2008 Lepore, Michael Direct Care Workers' Motivations for Employment in Long-Term Care, Assisted Living, and Particular Facilities: A Process of Reconciling Conflicting Values
2008 Li, Wei The Interaction between Ethnic Relations and State Power: A Structural Impediment to the Industrialization of China, 1850-1911
2008 Mills, Melinda Who Do You Think You're Border Patrolling?: Negotiating "Multiracial" Identities And "Interracial" Relationships
2008 Palder, Amy So, Who Feels Pretty?: Negotiating the Meaning of Femininity in a Nonheterosexual Community
2008 Ruddiman, Elizabeth Price Is Smart Growth Fair Growth: Do Urban Growth Boundaries Keep Out Racial Minorities?
2008 Shapkina, Nadejda V. Operation Help: Counteracting Sex Trafficking of Women from Russia and Ukraine
2007 Coin, Francesca Pickles and Pickets after NAFTA: Globalization, Agribusiness, the U.S.-Mexico Food-Chain, and Farm-Worker Struggles in North Carolina
2006 Davis-Sowers, Regina Salvaging Children's Lives: Understanding the Experiences of Black Aunts Who Serve as Kinship Care Providers Within Black Families
2006 Konrad, Miriam Transporting Atlanta: The Mode of Mobility Under Construction
2006 Lippard, Cameron Building Inequality: A Case Study of White, Black, and Latino Contractors in the Atlanta Construction Industry
2006 Pearson, Fiona Making Education Work: The Effects of Welfare Reform on the Educational Goals and Experiences of TANF Participants
2006 Ponder, Bentley Against the Odds: Resiliency and the Fostering of Furture Academic Success Among At-Risk Children in Georgia
2005 Gheorghiu-Stephens, Cristina Does Commitment Matter? A Comparative Gender Analysis of Work Commitment and Labor Market Outcomes in Western-Capitalist and Former-Socialist Countries
2004 Griffin, Gary Beyond Post-Industrialism: An Examination of Life Style in the Information Society
2004 Luck, Phil Meat as Ideology: It's What's for Dinner
2003 Gentry, Quinn Michelle Risk in the Rough: An Ethnographic Inquiry of How Poor African American Women Who Smoke Crack Reduce Their Risks for HIV Infection
2003 Khair, Emilie M. The Culture and Construction of Mother and Daughter Affective Solidarity in Diverse Dyads
2003 Williams, Michael D. Help-Seeking Behavior as a Predictor of Participation in Department of Veterans Affairs-Sponsored Visual Impairment Rehabilitation
2002 Boeri, Miriam I'm An Addict, But I Ain't No Junkie: An Ethnographic Analysis on the Drug Using Career of Baby Boomers
2002 Cochran, Roger The Meaning of Self: Differences Between Cohorts and Between Users of Biomedicine and Complementary/Alternative Medicine
2002 Combs, Bess L. The Role of Community Day Programs in the Lives of Low-Income Residents of Assisted Living Facilities
2002 Klein, Gretchen Dr. Girl: The Feminization of Veterinary Medicine
2002 Perkins, Molly Survival in a Small African American-Owned and -Operated Assisted Living Facility: A Process of Negotiating Risks
2002 Verrill, Linda A. Changes in Role-Identity Meaning and Well-Being During the Transition to Retirement: Comparing Early and Later Retirees
2001 Dolan, Kathleen HIV and STIs Among Lesbian Women: Constructions of Risk and Protection
2000 Fuqua, Ron Liberation Ideology and Practice in a Nursing Home
2000 Gregory, Donald Gilbert More Than a Breadwinner: A Quantitative Feminist Analysis of Highly Involved Fathers
2000 Lofton, Teresa C. Reclaiming an American Indian Identity: the Ethnic Renewal of the Lower Muskogee Creeks
2000 Moore, Paula The Effects of Professionalization on Teachers' Attitudes Promoting Equity in K-12 Student Achievement
2000 Rinalducci, Edward Authenticity Movements in Ethnic and Religious Revivalism: A Reconceptualization and Examination of Cultural Communal Identity Movements
2000 Sharpe, Tanya Telfair Behind the Eight Ball: Sex for Crack Exchange, Poor Black Women, and Reproduction
1999 Barnes, Sandra Positive Attitudes, Behavior, and Community Ties in Poor Urban Neighborhoods: The Impact of Neighborhood Effects, Household Economic Level, and Social Variables
1999 Crosby, Nandi The Souls of Black Men: Male Discourse and its Critical Implications for Rethinking Black Feminist Thought
1999 Heishman, Annette 'Get Rid of It and Don't Dwell on It': Explanatory Models and Experiences of Breast Cancer by rural Women
1999 Hugh, Margaret M. A Comparative Study of Adult Socialization in Eritrea and the U.S.
1998 Allen, Gay "It's Not a Cold" : From Cancer Person to Cancer Survivor -- The Process of Living with Cancer
1998 Basile, Kathleen C From Unwanted Sex to Wife Rape: Examining Sexual Coercion in Marriage on a Continuum of Severity
1998 Brown, Cheryl Lynn Family or Work: Identity Salience Battles for Working Men and Women
1998 King, Sharon Future Planning Among Older African-American Parents of Adult Dependent Children: Retiring From the Caregiving Career
1997 Bull, Sheana Salyers Challenging Traditional Gender Roles: What is the Impact of Employment on Machismo/Marianismo and Sexual Behavior for Latino Men and Women?
1997 Paterline, Brent Structural and Social Psychological Determinants of Prisonization
1997 Taylor, Leslie F Psychotropic Drug Use in a Nursing Home
1996 Foster, Howard An Examination of Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction
1996 Fraser, James The Impact of Organizational Composition on the Emergence of Corporate Culture
1996 Porterfield, Jeff The Influence of Neighborhood and Alienation on Norm Violating Behavior Among Atlanta Residents
1996 White, William S. Growth Machines, Place Entrepreneurs, and Social Construction of Enclave Economies: An Examination of Atlanta's Chinese Enclave Economy