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Recent M.A. Graduates

Year Name Thesis Title
2011 Anderson, Angela Power Disparities and the Structure of Childrearing: A Content Analysis of Bestselling Children's Books
2011 Ogundipe, Victor The Development of Ethnic Identity Among African-American, African Immigrant, and Diasporic African Immigrant University Students
2010 Healy, Anthony Living Together: Conservative Protestants and Cohabitation
2010 Schweigert, Katherine The Effect of Gender on Perpetuation Characteristics for Juvenile Sex Offenders
2009 Albertson, William Cory Torn Between Here and There: Life Histories of Vietnamiese Female Refugees
2009 McMillen, Kirstin Ketchum Postpartum Depression and Self-Help Books: Medicalizing Misery and Motherhood
2009 Overstreet, Laura C. Splitting Sexuality and Disability: A Content Analysis and Case Study of Internet Pornography Featuring a Female Wheelchair User
2009 Popham, Ashley H. Abortion and Capital Punishment: Changing Attitudes and Demographical Influences.
2008 Overstreet, Laura Splitting Sexuality and Disability: A Content Analysis and Case Study of Internet Pornography Featuring a Female Wheelchair User
2008 Popham, Ashley Barker Abortion and Capital Punishment: Changing Attitudes and Demographical Influences
2008 Ruz, Daniela Atlanta's Quinceaneras
2007 Ito, Daisuke College Students' Prejudiced Attitudes Toward Homosexuals: A Comparative Analysis in Japan and the United States
2007 Jungles, Amanda May "Just Say No": A Process Evaluation of a Johns' School
2007 Philips, Daleana Definitions of Sexual Orientation in Academic Research
2007 Regus, Pamela The Emerging Medicalization of Postpartum Depression: Tightening the Boundaries of Motherhood
2007 Simon, Jennifer Renee It's Not Just What You Have, But How You Use It: The Impact of Race and Class on the Usage and Activation of Cultural and Social Capital in the Study Abroad Process
2006 Baird, George "Jim" Black Employment Opportunities: The Role of Immigrant Job Concentrations
2006 Bender, Alexis Rolling Manhood: How Black and White Men Experience Disability
2006 Hayes, Melissa The Building Blocks of Atlanta: Racial Residential Segregation and Neighborhood Inequity
2006 Johnson, Terry Racial Disparity in Social Spatiality: Usage of National Parks and Opera Attendance
2006 Liu, Guangya Predictors of Job Satisfaction among Staff in Assisted Living
2006 Luo, Baozhen Social Construction of Chinese American Ethnic Identities: Dating Attitudes and Behaviors Among Second-Generation Chinese American Youths
2006 Palmer, Louise Cesarean Section Disparities: Assessing the Likelihood of Undergoing Surgery in Childbirth
2006 Pruitt, Cenate Stand by Your Man Redneck Woman: Towards a Historical View of Country Music Gender Roles
2006 Sandman, Kendra Brothers and Sisters: Sibling Abuse and the Long-Term Effects of the Cycle of Family Violence
2006 Waszkiewicz, Elroi Getting by Gatekeepers: Transmen's Dialectical Negotiations within Psychomedical Institutions
2005 Abe, Yuka Japanese Fathers in the United States: Negotiating Different Cultural Expectations
2005 Bertollini, Cara-Vanessa I Know What You Are Going Through: The Impact of Negotiating the Criminal Justice System on the Family Members of Homicide Victims and Criminal Offenders
2005 Danford, Daniel Construction of God and Alcoholics Anonymous
2005 Davenport, Natasha Maria Resilience and Sociology: Identifying the Bridge
2005 Lepore, Michael The Influence of Discrimination on Identity among High-Retention Assisted Living Direct Care Workers
2005 Sanders McMurtry, Kijua Silence is Golden: A Qualitative Content Analysis of Rape Perspectives in the African-American Community
2005 Walters, Mikel 'Excuse Me, Ma'am? That's Sir to You!' Perceptions of a Butch Privilege in Contemporary Society
2005 Yasumoto, Saori The Changing Culture of Fatherhood and Gender Disparities in Japanese Fathers's Day and Mother's Day Comic Strips: A 55 Year Analysis
2005 Zhang, Gehui To Be or Not To Be… Christian: Explaining Chinese Immigrant Elders' Christian Participation in the U.S.
2004 Alexander, Valerie Into the Face of Homelessness: An Analysis of America's Apathy
2004 Brick, Bradley A Multi-Level Analysis of Citizens' Perceptions of Community Policing on Fear of Crime: Findings from Eleven Cities
2004 Carstarphen, Dorothy Reactions to a Nontraditional Storyline: Fans' Perceptions of a Lesbian Relationship on All My Children
2004 Jardim, Karen Building on Domestic Violence Research in Guyana
2004 Medley, Stephanie Am I Still a Virgin?' The Social Construction of the Virginity Script in Seventeen and Teen
2004 Muse, Courtney Interpersonal Contact and Attitudes Toward Lesbians and Gay Men
2004 Osborne, Jennifer Risky Business: Adolescent Sexual Knowledge and Behaviors
2004 Richardon, Gregory Television Advertising as a Catalyst for a Consumer Ideology
2004 Sinha, Cynthia B. Being Indian' and 'Being American': Exploring the Social Space of Second-Generation Indian American Dating
2003 Bahns, Megan Sex on Campus: A Study on How College Students Define Having Sex
2003 Cavalier, Elizabeth I Wear Dresses, I Wear Muscles: Media Representations of Women Soccer Players
2003 Clover, Kristen From Sheep to Shepards: The Social World of the Bouncer
2003 Ent, Angel From Mental Illness to Mood Disorders -- Help For the Hysterical Woman: An Interrogation of Cultural Representations of Women and Panic Disorder and an Argument for Structural Change
2003 Lippard, Cameron Taking Care of Business: The Hiring Practices of African American Enterpreneurs in the Construction Industry
2003 Park, Kyu Nam The Academic Performance of New Second Generation Korean American High School Students
2003 Trolan, Eoin Only Our Rivers Run Free: Bernadette Devlin and the Struggle for Civil Rights in Northern Ireland
2003 Weiss, Harald Beyond Unemployment: Low-Skill Service Sector Size as a Predictor of Metropolitan Crime Rates
2002 Adkins, William Imagining Disability: Representations of Blindness and Deafness in Print Media
2002 Gadgil, Malati Sexuality in Dance: A Post-Modern interpretation of dance reviews in early twentieth century
2002 Jenkins, Steven Bucking Conventional School of Thought: Eleven Jamaican Fathers' Beliefs and Practices on Corporal Punishment in Schools and at Home
2002 King, Joe Jealousy As A Grieving Experience in Children's Book
2002 Mosley, Shariff Andre An Exploratory Look at How Black Female Baby Boomers Envision Their Individual Retirements, and the Implictions
2002 Ono, Takamitsu Is GSU Apparel Made in Sweatshops?: The Student Anti-Sweatshop Campaign at Georgia State University
2002 Polite, Hallbrook What Happened to Intergenerational Mobility?: The Effect of Job Loss on Educational Outcomes for Black and White Teenagers
2002 Stern, Lili Immigration and Labor Force Segmentation in the Persian Gulf States
2001 Alavi (Kavanagh), Allison Little White Lies: Racialized Images of the Phallus in the United States
2001 Bartlett (Minor), Robyn Exploring Underlying Social Psychological Processes Effecting Elderly Residents When Relocating Into An Assisted Living Arrangement
2001 Bussler, Melissa Rose The Life History of Anna Van Rhintz Buer (non-thesis)
2001 Chandler, Jennifer It's A Long Haul: The Experiences of Women in Trucking
2001 Danner, Katherine Risk Factors for Intimate Partner Violence: A Comparison Between Younger Individuals and Older Individuals
2001 Dillard, Joy Feminism and Sadomasochism: An Analysis of Attitudes (non-thesis)
2001 Gonzalez, Catalina Plan Colombia: Unveiling the Drug War (non-thesis)
2001 Lundquist, Carri Gendered Poverty: Policy and Research Two Opposing Forces
2001 Patterson, Maxie Occupational Segregation: A Sociological Analysis of Male Secretaries (non-thesis)
2001 Serajee, Shabina The Meaning of Hijab Among Converted American Muslims (non-thesis)
2001 Stockdale, Thomas Alcohol Problems and Older Americans: Testing the Social Control Theory (non-thesis)
2001 Sylvia, Polly Where We Draw the Line: The Allocation of Amenities Within Four Neighborhoods In and Around Atlanta
2001 Williams, Jeffrey Social Mobility of Africans in the United States
2000 Bell, Roni C. The Culture of Custodial Grandparenting
2000 Curry, Regina Understanding Mate Selection Among Gays and Lesbians: A Content Analysis of Homosexual and Heterosexual Personal Ads
2000 Johnson, Rebecca The Window Into Oppression: White Racial Identity and Contemporary Activism
2000 Kamiya, Minori The Effectiveness of Foreign Aid: Myth or Reality
2000 Konrad, Miriam Transportology: A History of the Current Discourse and Its Application in Automobile Advertising
2000 Morgan, Eric Michael Sociology As a Social Problem: A Critical Examination of the American Sociological Association's National High School Sociology Course
2000 Xiong, Shuyao Influence of Role Identity on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction (non-thesis)
1999 Black, Karen Wright An Examination of Louisiana Covenant Marriage Laws (non-thesis paper)
1999 Boozer, William Strong Sociological and Social Psychological Definitions of self-Esteem and Their Utility in a self-motivation Theory (non-thesis paper)
1999 Hines, Lawrence Joe The Creation of a National Menace: A Content Analysis of Drugs in the Popular Press
1999 Johnson, Charmayne Grandparent Headed Families (non-thesis paper)
1999 Shearer, Diane C. 'Do You Think I'm Asking Too Much?': A Study of Divorce Mediation as Interactive Process
1999 Sheber, Larry R. Managed Care and the Doctor-Patient Relationship: The Doctor's View
1999 Tezza, Laura Do Gay Men Want To Be Fathers?
1999 Uhlin, Stephanie Anne Childfree or Childless?: An Examination of Relevant Literature and a Childfree Newsletter
1999 Watkins, Kimberley E Deindustrialization: US Occupational, Industrial, and Income Trends from 1980 to 1990
1998 Balachandran, Anand The Emergence of Ethnic Conflict in Sri Lanka: A Sociological Analysis
1998 Boeri, Miriam Women After Utopia: The Gendered Lives of Former Cult Members
1998 Chen, Del-An BryAnn We Just Got Together and We Enjoyed It: An Analysis of the Georgia Coalition for Battered Refugee and Immigrant Women as a Social Movement
1998 Esmail, Ashraf Does Having Children Contribute to Marital Happiness: A scientific Question
1998 Wilson, Linda Ann Sex Discrimination and Firing Practices in the Atlanta Area
1998 Wooten, Karen Predictors of Influenza Vaccination Among Elderly African-Americans: A Sociological Inquiry
1997 Adelman, Robert M. A Multivariate Analysis of Urban Poverty: Contrasting Race, Region and Metropolitan Areas
1997 Brown, Mark Poverty, Inequality and Black Homicide
1997 Pak, Nader Does Religion Contriburte to General Well-Being: A Research Question
1997 Perkins, Molly M. Panning for Gold: The Cost vs. the Rewards of Being a Personal Care Home Provider