Christina Ellen Barmon

Program: Ph.D.

Speciality: Family, Health, & Life Course

Cohort: Fall 2008

Education: B.S. Biology, Georgia State University; M.P.H. Behavioral Sciences, Emory University


Advisor: Elisabeth Burgess

Research Interests: My primary research interests focus on how we define health in an era of increased chronic disease and medicalization. More specifically, I am interested in the social constructions of health and illness and how these constructions are increasingly racialized, aged, classed, and gendered, and thus used to discriminate or constrain individual behavior. Additionally, I have been working with Dr. Elisabeth Burgess on her study about negotiating sexuality and intimacy in assisted living facilities. During the course of this project I have focused on how constructions of health and frailty impact sexual freedoms in these institutions.
Christina Ellen Barmon