Orsolya Kolozsvari-Wright

Program: Ph.D.

Speciality: Gender & Sexuality

Cohort: Fall 2007

Education: M.A. Sociology & English, University of Debrecen

Email: kolozsvario@freemail.hu

Advisor: Charles Jaret

Research Interests: Her main interests include gender, immigration, social inequality, marriage and the family, romantic relationships, and qualitative methods. She has studied Hungarian immigrants in the United States, focusing on adaptation, ethnic and pan-ethnic identity construction, and gendered perspectives of Hungarian immigrants on the American Dream. In collaboration she has examined citizenship rates in the Southeast. A current project analyzes wedding-related websites to explore the social (re)construction of virginity and the idealization of the wedding night. Her dissertation is on the gendered aspects of long-distance romantic relationships.
Orsolya Kolozsvari-Wright