Marik Xavier-Brier

Program: Ph.D.

Speciality: Gender & Sexuality

Cohort: Fall 2010

Education: B.A. Sociology, Georgia State University; M.A. Sexuality Studies, San Francisco State University


Advisor: Mindy Stombler

Research Interests: Currently I'm interested in how the constructions of maleness and masculinity shape online and offline discourse around bodies and body images, as well as how race and ethnicity are discussed within physical spaces and virtual media, which includes wanting to deconstruct heterosexuality and risk narratives. I am also examining constructions of masculinity and the ideology of the "real man" (and conversely the hatred of effeminacy) and hegemonic discourse and tactics of masculinity, which shape and constrain individuals' expression, sexuality, and preference. Lastly, I'm also considering how to challenge the ideas of urbanism in terms of queer identities (i.e., how people in rural areas express and perform queerness and formulate communities).
Marik Xavier-Brier