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Spectrum System - Forms

Please click on any of the links below to access electronic copies of the forms available for Spectrum System users. Some of these forms may be used in place of entering certain transactions online, while other forms are necessary for completing transactions.

Spectrum Plus User Access Request Form

Spectrum Plus Work Flow Request Form

ADP System Access Form

Spectrum Plus Training Request Form

B Visa Certification

Expenditure Review Certification Form

Spectrum Plus Deposit Remittance/Closing Advance

Foreign National Tax Analysis and Payments

Spectrum Plus Journal Entry

Missing Property Form

Off Campus Equipment Use Permit Form

Payment Request Form (Updated-Effective 07/01/2009)

Payments To Independent Contractors/Consultants

PeopleSoft HR - User Access Request Form

Spectrum Plus Fund Replenishment Form

Spectrum Plus Project Advance Imprest Request Form

Spectrum Plus Project Advance Imprest Closing Fund Form

Request to Transfer Equipment Form

Relocation and Moving Expense Agreement - (New 12/08/2010)

Relocation Expense Authorization (REA) - (New 5/04/2011)

Employee Application for Relocation Expense Payment or Reimbursement - (New 12/08/2010)

Sample Offer Letter

State of Georgia Exemption of the Local Hotel/Motel Excise Tax

Study Abroad Cash Advance Agreement

Surplus Transfer Request Form

Travel Advance Request

Travel Authorization - Employee (Updated- 01/08/2010)

Travel Authorization - Student (Updated- 01/08/2010)

Travel Expense Statement - Employee and Student (Updated/Effective 01/01/2011)

Travel Expense Statement - Employee and Student (Updated 01/07/2010 - effective 01/01/2010)

Travel Services

Vendor EFT Information Request Form
( Please Contact Purchasing Department at 404-413-3150)

Wire Transfer Requirements and Instructions - (Updated 10/25/2010)