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Welcome to the Latin Forum
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Welcome to the Latin Forum

We are a student-chartered organization set up to act as a forum where students can discuss business, political, and social issues affecting the community. We encourage all students to take part in an organization that focuses on educating the Georgia State University student body. We represent the interest of students and participate in university committees, programs and events as student leaders to insure good student and campus involvement. The Latin Forum is intended to provide each individual member with the professional tools and skills necessary to survive and succeed in the corporate world. This commitment also includes providing members with the proper environments to utilize those skills to obtain employment opportunities.

We serve as an information center for scholastic and occupational opportunities. This informational function keeps our members abreast of the different options available to them at any given time.
We act as a mechanism for communication to Georgia State University of the needs and problems of students on campus. Remaining highly active and visible at the university helps us to realize this commitment

To offer its membership an environment that enables each individual to simultaneously enhance themselves academically and culturally. To ensure this diversity, Latin Forum actively recruits members of all backgrounds and ethnicity's. We welcome ALL students, regardless of ethnicity and/or origin, to become a member of the Latin Forum.

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