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Campus Resources

The Latin Forum at Georgia State University offers a wide variety of resources that can enhance the quality of your education. In addition, the following are other sources within the university to assist you. The Latin Forum also receives occasional job notifications that are posted to our jobs page.

Center for Latin American and Latino Studies
Contact: Dr. Julia Perilla/404-651-2955

Educational Opportunity
Contact: Bill Hayes/404-651-1964 OR Hassan Ortiz/404-651-1966

Latin American Student Association
Contact: Alejandro Garcia/International Student Association Council
Office: 404-463-9031

Latinos on Campus
678-481-0000 or 404-463-9031

Student Association of Latin Solo Artists
Contact: Tequoia Reid/678-479-6032

Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority Colony
Contact: Jessica Barron/770-300-8283

For more information on currently chartered student organizations, call the Office of Student Life and Leadership, 404-463-9031, ask for the contact information of the current President of the organization, or visit Suite 330 Student Center at Georgia State University.

If you would like your organization listed on this Web site, please contact Euclides Paralta.

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