American Chemical Society Home Page
The workings of the ACS - This is the first page of the ACS. There are many links at this address. Some of them will be useful. Chemists would want to come here. There are links to all kinds of chemistry related topics. Information about the ACS.

ACS Publications Division
You can get in contact with a company that makes your lab equipment. Links to many companies, including: Brinkmann Instruments, Inc., Dionex, Hamilton, Kimble Kontes, LECO, Matheson Gas Products, PE Analytical Instruments, Quadrex, Restek, Scientific Software, Inc., Shimadzu, Sigma-Aldrich Corporation, Spectrum Quality Products, Inc., Tekmar-Dohrmann, Thermo Separation Products, VARIAN. Information about: Chromatography, Sample Preparation, Chemicals/Gases, Spectroscopy, Computers/Software/Molecular Modeling, Consulting Services/Analysis, Lab Products/Equipment/Supplies, Analyzers, Regulations/Health & Safety

Brinkman Instruments
Product information - Information about this company’s products. You can pick the general area you want, and get the specs of some Brinkman instrument. Get product information for lab equipment. Huge amounts of product information

Hummel Croton Inc.
Safe handling sheets for chemicals - Sheets of data of various compounds, including physical constants and handling instructions. These are only the compounds that this company sells, but most of the information can be applied to compounds from any source. If you need to know how to handle a compound, OSHA regulations pertaining to it are available here.