Computer and Electronics Components

Specs on Pentium (II) Connectors for signals. Information from standard cable to fiber optic connections. Specs on multi-purpose information connectors. Excellent product specs and product information.

This site has excellent site maps, layout, graphics and information on current and future processor information. This site offers detailed specs including processor benchmarks performance. It ensures users choose a processor with right specs. This site is geared for computer manufacturers and individuals building their own PC. This site is also an advertisement for Intel, but is also informative. Intel offers detailed specs, on each processor performance and links to site with motherboards that uses their processor.

Digital Semiconductors
This site offers specs on high-speed processor performance. This site provides average navigation, site map and graphics. This site is strictly specs and processor chip performance. Offers download instruction for Microprocessors, Core Logic Chipsets, Motherboards, and Software Development Tools. This site is for computer manufacturer of software developers querying hardware performance to match software. It provided excellent specs on processors geared for high performance and powerful manufacturing software. This site is geared for computer manufacturing industry.

Cypress Semiconductor Corporation
PC boards and communication specs. - This site offers average layout, good site map, and average graphics. It has excellent product information. This site provides specs on Data communications products, Dual-Port RAMs , FCT-T logic, FIFOs , Military products , Nonvolatile, programmable read-only memories (PROMs) , PC chipsets , Programmable logic , SRAMs , SRAM modules , Timing technology products , Universal Serial Bus (USB) micro-controllers, VMEbus products. This site is geared for circuit board engineers and manufacturers of circuit boards for Personal Computers.

This site provides PC Mother Board specs. This site has an excellent site map, layout. It also offers average graphics, excellent product information. This site contains detailed motherboards and chip sets specs, Flash Bios upgrades. Ensures user chooses the right motherboard for computer. Provides drivers for proper hardware and software interface. This site is for computer manufacturer, or anyone building their own computer system, and has internal links to obtain Bios upgrade and product literature..

Lattice Semiconductor'sThis site has excellent spec layout with minimum graphics, and a good site map. Lattice Semiconductor's isp LSI ® families are high-density and high performance E2CMOS(r) programmable logic devices. Lattice has become the world's largest supplier of low-density CMOS PLDs and the fastest growing supplier of high-density CMOS PLDs. This site is geared for circuit board developers.

Integrated Circuit Systems Incorporated
This site deals with specs on Integrated Circuits. Limited graphics, information must be download, excellent site map and site links. Integrated Circuit Systems, market leader in PC graphics and Motherboard clocks. ICS is the number one supplier of clock synthesizers to the computer industry. Recognized for its mixed-signal expertise, ICS has leveraged this technology to create Clocks for modems, printers, disk drives, PDAs, multimedia boards and TV set-top boxes. A family of highly integrated, physical layer transceivers for ATM, SONET, FDDI and Fast Ethernet applications and ASICs. This site is geared to electrical engineers developing computer peripheral in information transfer.

This site deals with PC Peripheral specs. Excellent graphics, showroom, site map and layout. Specs on many computer hardware, such CD-ROMS, Graphics cards, Monitors, RISC microprocessor, semiconductors, and fiber optics. This site deals with circuit board component as well as consumer electronic products. NEC provides manufacturing companies with computer peripherals and circuit board components.

Products on this site are listed Alphabetically, with pictures and detailed specs. Toshiba offers excellent navigation and a beautiful show room. This site provides Specs on Consumer Products, Electronic Components, Computer Products, Disk Products, Electronic Imaging, Imaging Systems, Multimedia Systems, Telephone Systems, Medical Systems, and Industrial Products. It is geared consumer electronics as well. Provides excellent specs on all computer-related peripherals and individual circuit board semiconductor component.

Zetex Semiconductors
This site provides Specs on Semiconductors and other electronic components. All specs are in download format only, with excellent site map and easy navigation. Detailed specs on High Performance Surface Mount Devices, High Performance Transistors, MOSFETs & Diodes, High Performance Linear Bipolar Integrated Circuits. Zetex supplies innovative analogue design solutions - the preferred supplier for a wide range of discrete and linear semiconductors to thousands of companies throughout the world. This site is geared for company manufacturing circuit boards.

Synergy Semiconductors
Specs on semiconductors. Excellent site map, less than average graphics, but compensates with product information. Specs on High speed and Integrated circuits, focused on clocking and communications solutions for the computing and connectivity marketplace. Synergy Semiconductor is the leader in high performance digital and mixed signal integrated circuits. The company's products include high speed digital logic for advanced system applications, precision mixed-signal time-clock generators for high-performance computers and workstations, and mixed signal communications circuits for local and wide area networks. This site is ideal for electrical engineers dealing with integrated circuits and telecommunications.

Texas Instruments
This site deals with Digital Signal Processing, semiconductors. This site offers excellent graphics, site map, and overall information layout. This site contains detailed specs on Digital Signal processing, analog to digital converter and semiconductors. This site is for electrical engineers developing or mass-producing board components. Texas Instrument is a vendor of Integrated Circuits and Circuit Boards.

Sony Semiconductors
This site deals with Specs on semiconductors. This site contains excellent graphical interface, layout, site map, and information. This site has detailed charts, and diagrams on integrated circuits, semiconductors, CCD Area Sensor, CCD Linear Sensor, Computer Audio/Video, Data Communications-pacITman, Infrared Receiver Ics, LCD and Peripherals, Laser Diode, Memory, Serial/Optical Communication, TV and Audio, Wireless Communications. This site is geared for computer research and development.