English 3110. Technical Writing

This course aims to teach students to develop their skills in writing scientific and technical documents. Rhetorical principles behind writing, including audience awareness, will be discussed. Students will learn how:

  • To foster a sense of writing as to multiple audiences for various purposes in real world contexts
  • To create contexts for writing that are real and sophisticated, and that require collaborative action
  • To recognize the importance of computers in workplace and technical writing and therefore in the classroom
  • To develop ethical and responsible writing strategies for our students
  • To advocate audience/user needs
  • To teach research strategies, as well as the planning and managing of projects
  • To teach students how to follow and adjust conventions of technical and scientific writing

This course will involve both informal and formal writing assignments, as well as ample opportunity for revision and feedback on students' writing. Collaborative assignments will also be employed to help students learn about teamwork and group writing.

Students who take this course come from a variety of academic disciplines and have needs to be able to write within a variety of disciplines during their academic careers and after they graduate. Thus one goal of this course is to assist students with writing in their chosen fields of expertise. Students will be asked to find out about writing in their chosen fields, as well as to work on projects that fit within the norm for most technical writers.

This course will incorporate a service-learning component as well. For students to best know what conventions are appropriate for professional writing, they need exposure to workplace-based projects. Service learning projects will facilitate this process.

Syllabus Course Materials