Eng 3130. Business Writing

Business writing at Georgia State University seeks to create course work for students that is informed by the needs of students, educators, business, and society at large. Business Writing has the following aims:

  • To foster a view of writing as situated action (people acting through writing within organizations)
  • To foster educational practices that demand a consideration of ethics
  • To create contexts for writing that are real and sophisticated (through the use of cases, real clients, and service learning with community organizations)
  • To recognize the importance of computers in workplace writing and in the classroom
  • To advocate readers/users needs
  • To create contexts for effective collaboration
  • To teach visual and verbal argumentation
  • To teach research practices
  • To teach students to follow and adjust conventions of business writing

This course should be classified as writing intensive; it involves both informal and formal writing assignments, as well as ample opportunity for revision and feedback on students' writing.

To foster real-world experiences and to demonstrate how writing can positively change organizations, Business Writing will incorporate service learning components into the curricula. Service learning projects provide both rich contexts for student learning and serve as a positive link between the university and the community. In these ways, Business Writing seeks to educate writers for work in twenty-first century organizations through teaching writing and technologies important for the workplace and for students' intellectual and ethical development.

Syllabus Course Materials