Job Search Project

English 3130

The job search project is designed to enable you to initiate a job search within the context of a structured writing class. The rationale for such a project is that any job search is composed of numerous rhetorically sophisticated writing activities, including the two general phases of research and document production.

In the research phase of this project, you will investigate at least two companies in order to gather information such as:

  • relevant job descriptions
  • qualifications
  • locations, and if possible, work conditions
  • hiring procedures
  • types of documentation requested (including information related to any databases used)
  • necessary contact procedures and persons

Your research is directly related to the types of documents produced, and in order to be successful in this project (and hopefully in your search), there must be a visible and direct connection between your research and the decisions you make in document production.

In the document production phase of your project, you will produce one cover letter, one print resume, and one Web resume geared toward one job at one company (you will see how the Web resume is different and needs to work for multiple audiences).


  • research memo (a relatively short memo summarizing your research; included with this will be any relevant displays, like job ads)
  • letter of application
  • print resume
  • Web resume

Grading for this project will be done on a portfolio basis. My interest, besides the general criteria listed on your syllabus, will be in the extent to which there is a clear connection between research and document production. In addition, I will be interested in the effectiveness of your page design strategies (one of the new issues we will cover with this project).