English 3130

Job Search Project 2


The job search project provides you with the opportunity to develop materials to help you in finding employment. It allows us to talk about letters of application and resumes, but also document design (for both print and online media), professional style and tone, company-based research, online writing, and audience. This project has three written components: the letter of application, print resume, and web/online resume.

Your first task should be to decide on a position and company for which to write the letter of application. This, ideally, should be a real position and should be as close to the type of job you want as possible. This will help ensure that your job search documents will be useful for you later. Once you have a company in mind, you should then research the company and position. What you find out about this company will assist you in preparing top quality, relevant materials for your application. Based on your research and own preferences, you will prepare your letter of application and resume for that particular position.

You will produce two resumes during this project: a print one and a web/online one. The print resume is intended to be mailed or handed to a prospective employer. Today, these might also be faxed, e-mailed, or scanned in to a company's database. The web/online resume will serve as your electronic calling card. This form of resume is not intended to be printed. It is designed and written as a native hypertext which will allow companies and employers to look at your credentials over the world wide web.

For most entry-level positions and new college graduates, the letter of application and print resume should be no more than one page each. The web resume should start with three pages (a home or contact page, education, and experience), although the number of pages and links will depend on how much information you want available.