How to Effectively Search the Web with Lycos

Lycos is a powerful search engine; it is a regularly updated database of Web pages. By learning to use the many search features available on Lycos, you can quickly find almost any kind of information available on the Internet.

General Searching

You can access Lycos with most Internet browsers, and the basic search interface is simple:

Lycos will present you with all the Web pages that contain the words that you requested. We have found that Lycos does a good job of presenting the most relevant matches to a query on the first few pages, but you will probably get a huge list of Web pages. There are many ways to both limit and expand your search. The general search interface allows you to:

You can also search the results of any other search.

Searching results is an easy way to target a specific piece of information. All the search functions previously described work when searching the results of another query.

Advanced Searching

The Advanced Searching interface on Lycos is also a useful tool; it can be accessed by clicking the Advanced Searching button near the top of the page. This interface allows you to:

The Power Panel interface will open just below the Advanced Searching box.