English 3130

The mini-project is meant as a short documentation project that (1) introduces you to the processes of writing documentation and (2) allows you to introduce each other to technologies important for the course.

Given all that, you will be paired with a classmate and "given" a technology to learn, document, and present to the class. The process of choosing technologies will not be completely controlled by me (hence the placement of "given" above within parenthesis). We will discuss in class what technologies are necessary to learn, and based on that list, you can choose which technology you feel comfortable learning and teaching others (hopefully you have some experience with this technology already).

The product of this project is two-fold. You will produce a short piece of documentation (a quick reference card or a few pages of documentation). And then on the day the projects are due, you will give a short informative presentation introducing the technology to the class. Typically the documentation contains more information than the presentation. And remember, you are responsible for an effective introduction to the technology; you cannot teach it to us, but you can give us quality materials and information that will help us along the learning curve.

Presentation/Documentation due date: July 9
Presentation Length: 5-7 minutes