Online Research in Technical Writing/Web Page Project
English 3110

The Online Research in Technical Writing project will require you to learn about writing in your field and to present that information to others via the World Wide Web. There are essentially three parts to this project: the research report, web plan, and web pages.

You should first identify the type of writing you wish to investigate. Then you must research that type of writing using print resources, online searching via databases and the web, and interviewing a professional in that field. Based on this research, you should prepare a 3 page written research report about writing in your field. This report might contain information about audiences for writing, types of documents written, places of work or positions held by writers in this field, appropriate research methods, and writing or technology skills needed for this work.

The next phase of the project will be to plan and produce web pages to disseminate your research about writing. You will first write a short, 1-2 paragraph plan for your web site. This should address content and design for the pages. Then you will implement this plan, creating the web pages necessary to distribute the information you have gathered. Most students will need a minimum of three web pages for their reports.