Vir Sci Corp
Latest drug findings and current medical topics from owners of Pharminfonet. Gives information about the latest drug findings and current medical topics. If a physician needs to find new treatments for a condition, then he/she should go to this site; if a patient or student would like to find out about newest drugs or treatments, then he/she should got to this site.

WHO Guide to Prescribing
Consultation topics for prescribers and pharmacists to use as a guideline. Information about effects of drugs, side effects, interactions, warnings, future consultations, making everything clear to the patient, general information answering the questions that come up during prescription consulting

Biotechnology Information Institute
Patent numbers and abstracts are listed in this site. This comprehensive site is good for researching legalities.

Select Surf – Health/Medicine – Drugs
This site is very useful for finding links to other site such as Pharminfonet, Merck Pharmaceutical Company, Eli Lily Pharmaceutical Company, FDA Homepage, CDC Homepage, Drug Infonet, Psychopharmacology, Rx List, World Wide Drugs, and World Wide Virtual Library : Pharmaceuticals. This site is very useful for accessing links that may otherwise have to be found by time-consuming searches.

Food and Drug Administration Homepage
This site includes varied subject matter related to the FDA. This site is inclusive, but not limited to pharmaceutical drugs.

The Center for Drug Evaluations and Research (CDER) Data Standards Manual
This site includes a compilation of standard nomenclature monographs that have been certified by the CDER Nomenclature Standards Committee (NSC). Some databases that use these types of standards include the Center-wide Oracle Management Information System (COMIS), the Division Files System (DFS), the Drug Product Reference File (DPRF), the Drug Registration and Listing System (DRLS), the Developers and Distributors System (DADS), the Special Products On-Line Tracking System (SPOTS), and the Phase 4 Tracking System.

Regulatory Guidance
This site contains the Center for Drug Evaluations and Research (CDER)’s procedures for issuance of Certificate for Pharmaceutcial Products to firms that market drug products. In order to use this site, it must be downloaded first.