Great On-line Resources


The following sites can help a technical writer design and organize projects they may be working for. These templates can help all technical writers - from the freelancer to the corporate writer. Also helpful to technical writers are links to resources. These sites have frequently used resources - such as The Gage Canadian Dictionary or The Chicago Manual of Style. On these web pages are technical writing tips from writing for the web to technical writing humor.

There are also sites relating to HTML. These sites are helpful for beginning web designers as well as advanced web designers.


Resources for Writing On-Line Publications

  • Introduction to HTML
    This is an electronic book on how to use HTML. Great for anyone who needs to write on the web. This link takes you to the table of contents for the site. The information is nicely laid out. You can pick the HTML topic you need to know more about.
  • RBW for Technical Writers
    Reader based writing for technical writers; writing skills training program; self-paced program with remote document editing. Learn how to write from your reader’s point of view on the internet

Risk Communication

  • Risk Communication
    Collecting Information on Risk Communication Research - The site provides information on: Planning & Guidance, Training, Exercises and Products of Risk Communication.
  • Oak Ridge National Laboratory
    This site provides information, question and answers, brochures, and multi-media presentations. It gives a variety of options for information and education on the subjec of Risk Communications. This site is wonderful for those who are unfamiliar with risk communications.

Writing Laboratory Safety Manuals

  • Interactive Multimedia Laboratory Safety Training for Requirements of OSHA and EPA
    This site provides various multimedia resources that can be used to learn and possibly train others about laboratory safety based on OSHA and EPA regulations. Through interaction with a personal computer with full motion video and CD-ROM multimedia, one can learn about material safety sheets, lists, labels, chemical hazards, dangers of exposure, and strategies for recognizing and controlling chemical hazards. These resources were designed to meet the training requirements of the OSHA Hazard Communication standard (29 CFR 1910.1200). The Laboratory Safety Training Program is divided into two units: (1) Working with Hazardous Chemicals and (2) Minimizing Exposure to Chemicals. Although each video and CD-ROM has to be purchased all are available for a free 10-day evaluation.
  • Responsible Conduct of Research
    "Laboratory Safety Plans" are required by the Occupational Safety by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This site gives the guidelines for the laboratory safety plans via a "Laboratory Safety Manual" link put together by the University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill. This link provides instructions on preparing safety plans specifically designed for your laboratory. This is a nice site especially designed to assist those writing safety plans for a laboratory.
  • Safety Management Corporation
    This site provides products for compliance with health and safety management program regulations and requirements placed on general industry, manufacturing, and the construction industry by OSHA, EPA, and DOT. This site provides very valuable links to the many regulating authorities for companies and industries. The site has links for:, OSHA Regulations, EPA Regulations, DOT Regulations, CDC, MSDS Database Access, Labor Statistics, ANSI Standards, ASTM Standards, NFPA Standards, Free Consulting, IBM, Deloitte-Touche. This site serves as a wonderful resource for any industry because there is the ability to access each of the above from this web site.
  • HHMI Laboratory Safety- Safety in the Research Laboratory
    This is a very useful site that provides various resource tools that one can use if they are compiling safety regulations and/or rules for a chemical laboratory. The HHMI laboratory safety program provides a range of instructional and resource materials to help researchers know how to incorporate the fundamental good rules of safety into their daily work routine. This is a great site for someone setting up a chemistry laboratory. This company provides regulations based upon OSHA regulations.
  • University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management
    Laboratory Safety Plan Outline -- This site provides wonderful information about safety planning for a laboratory.