How to Import Sound Files into the Avid


The following describes the procedure for importing audio files (music or sound effects) from a CD (or other storage media) into the Avid for use in your project.


SAVING FILES TO THE COMPUTER DESKTOP (Note: You can do the following while Avid is open and you are editing your project. YOU DONíT NEED TO QUIT AVID.)

1.                  Insert CD into computer and the AUDIO CD icon should appear on the desktop.

2.                  Double-Click on the MOVIE PLAYER icon on the desktop.

3.                  Click on FILE and then IMPORT.

4.                  Select DESKTOP, AUDIO CD (or CD, Zip, or floppy disk) then OPEN.

5.                  Click on the TRACK NUMBER or the FILE NAME you want.

6.                  Click CONVERT.

7.                  Click OPTIONS.

8.                  When importing audio, check the settings under options and make sure that they are set for 44.1 kHz, 16 bit, and Stereo.

9.                  Click OK.

10.              RENAME the audio track (or file) if necessary.

11.              To save the file, select DESKTOP and then the FOLDER you wish to save it to.

12.              Click SAVE.

13.              CLOSE the Movie Player playback bar that opens, select FILE and QUIT Movie Player.

14.              Eject the CD by moving its icon to the trash.





1.                  OPEN AVID and select your user settings and project name.

2.                  OPEN A BIN or create a NEW BIN (for example, AUDIO, EFFECTS, MUSIC, . . .)

3.                  Go to FILE and then IMPORT.

4.                  Select DESKTOP, the FOLDER, and the FILE you wish to import.

5.                  Make sure you are saving the file as GRAPHIC/AUDIO to YOUR MEDIA DISK (or DRIVE PARTITION).

6.                  Click ADD/ADD ALL to add the selected file(s) and then click DONE.

7.                  The file should import into the open bin and you can now access it as a audio master clip that you can open into a source monitor and edit it into your sequence.