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Faculty & Student News

August 2013

  • Susan Talburt was invited to Uzhgorod, Ukraine, to offer three seminars on topics ranging from queer youth to neoliberalisms and universities for the Gender, Sexuality, and Power Project, a faculty development project funded by the Open Society Foundation.  The three-year project seeks to cultivate the development of the study of gender and sexuality in universities in post-Soviet states.

July 2013

  • Adia Harvey Wingfield had a book published, No More Invisible Man: Race and Gender in Men’s Work  (Temple University Press, 2013).  She also received a grant from the National Science Foundation’s Collaboration EAGER Award (2013), “Winning the Internet Lottery: Growing Income Inequality, Social Class, and Susceptibility to Cybercrime” (Co-PI, with Raheem Beyah). She was awarded $200,000 to examine whether there are social class differences in various groups’ vulnerability to internet crime, specifically phishing scams.

  • Adia Harey Winfield has also had a series of articles come out in 2013 in Symbolic Interaction, Sociological Forum, and Ethnic and Racial Studies

June 2013

  • Marian Meyers had a book, titled African American Women in the News: Gender, Race and Class in Journalism, published by Routledge (2013).  She also presented a paper at the annual meeting of the International Communication Association held in London, titled "African American women in local TV news: Breaking stereotypes?"

May 2013

  • Amira Jarmakani's chapter,  “They Hate Our Freedom, But We Love Their Bellydance: The Spectacle of the Shimmy in Contemporary U.S. Culture,”  in the collection Between the Middle East and the Americas: The Cultural Politics of Diaspora, edited by Ella Shohat and Evelyn Alsultany was published by the University of Michigan Press.

  • Megan Sinnott was invited to present a lecture entitled “Kumanthong: Child Spirits and Contemporary Conceptions of Childhood in Thailand” at the conference “Reconstituting Southeast Asian Families: Transnational Impacts and Local Dynamics,” at Sogang University in South Korea.

April 2013

  • Susan Talburt presented two versions of her research, “Promises to/of Global Gay Youth,” at the Queer Studies Conference at the University of North Carolina at Asheville and at the New Agendas for Youth Studies conference at the University of Glasgow (Scotland).  She also presented “Becoming a Productive Researcher:  Chilean Universities, International Excellence, and Epistemic Colonization” at the American Educational Research Association in San Francisco, CA.

November 2012

  • Amira Jarmakani served as discussant and chair for the panel "Critical Methodologies for Queer Arab American Studies" at the American Studies Association conference in San Juan, Puerto Rico

  • Janet Gabler-Hover is directing and participating in a South Atlantic Modern Language Association panel (along with Nadine Sinno, formerly of Georgia State University) entitled “Beyond ‘A Cyborg Manifesto’:  Envisioning Identity, Gender, and Sexuality through Technology” on Friday, November 8 at 6:15 p.m. Her paper is entitled “Retrograde Embodiment and Feminist Concerns in William Gibson’s Neuromancer.

October 2012

  • Julie Kubala served as Grand Marshall at Atlanta’s 2012 Pride Parade.

August 2012

  • Amira Jarmakani's chapter, “Arab American Feminisms: Mobilizing the Politics of Invisibility,” was published in Arab and Arab American Feminisms: Gender, Violence, and Belonging, eds. Rabab Abdulhadi, Evelyn Alsultany, and Nadine Naber, 227-241.  NY: Syracuse University Press, 2011.    The collection recently won the 2012 National Arab American Book Award for Nonfiction.
  • WSI affiliate, Dr. Marian Meyers received a research development grant from the Organization for Research on Women and Communication (ORWAC) to complete her book, African American women in the news: Gender, race and class in representation.  It is due out in June 2013 from Routledge.

  • The Journal of Marriage and Family published two articles by WSI affiliate, Dr. Ralph LaRossa entitled "Writing and Reviewing Manuscripts in the Multidimensional World of Qualitative Research" and "Thinking about the Nature and Scope of Qualitative Research."

July 2012

  • Amira Jarmakani presented a lecture entitled “Middle East Women, Gender Justice, and Islamic Feminisms”  for the 2012 Prejudice Reduction Seminar Series: Middle East Lectures, sponsored by One Columbus, Columbus, GA July 5, 2012. View here.

June 2012

  • WSI affiliate, Dr. Cassandra White, of the Department of Anthropology, directed the Field School in Applied Anthropology in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in June 2012.  She will bring another group of GSU study abroad students to Brazil in 2013.  Students on the program have a chance to conduct original research on changes taking place in Rio associated with the upcoming World Cup and Olympic Games.  Dr. White is also conducting research on transnational aspects of Hansen’s disease (leprosy) treatment.  She is also initiating a new research project on experiences and perceptions of extended breastfeeding in the United States.

November 2011

  • Amira Jarmakani presented a book talk about her monograph Imagining Arab Womanhood for the department of Women’s and Gender Studies at the University of Michigan at Dearborn, November 3, 2011.

October 2011

  • Amira Jarmakani presented an invited lecture entitled “Crises of the Visible: The Role of Representation in the War on Terror” as part of a panel discussion with Robert Scheer, which was called “9/11, Ten Years Later: Perspectives from Inside and Outside the Academy,” at the Claremont Graduate University, October 6, 2011.

  • Amira Jarmakani presented an invited lecture entitled “Desiring the Big Bad Blade: Racing the Sheikh in Desert Romances” for the Core III lecture series: “Islam versus the West? Unraveling the Terms of ‘Clashing Civilizations’” at Scripps College on October 6, 2011.

  • Susan Talburt and Nancy Lesko presented “Affect, Youth, and Sexualities” at the conference Pensando Lo Queer Desde y en América Latina” in Quito, Ecuador.

  • The Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies hosted a book release for Keywords in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movements, Knowledges. The event featured a discussion by the editors of this new anthology - Susan Talburt, Director of the IWGSS and Nancy Lesko, Professor of Curriculum and Teaching at Columbia University - and four contributors from GSU: professors Julie Kubala and Amira Jarmakani, as well as WSI staff member Andrew Resinger and WSI staff member and undergraduate student, Alejondro Venegas-Steele.

September 2011

  • Routledge has published Keywords in Youth Studies: Tracing Affects, Movements, Knowledges, an anthology edited by Dr. Susan Talburt, Director of the Institute for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, along with Dr. Nancy Lesko of Teacher's College at Colombia University. The book also features content by WSI professors Dr. Julie Kubala and Dr. Amira Jarmakani, as well as WSI staff member Andrew Resinger and WSI staff member and undergraduate student, Alejondro Venegas-Steele.

August 2011

  • Susan Talburt and Nancy Lesko presented Keywords in Youth Studies  at the meeting of the International Sociological Association in Buenos Aires, Argentina.